RF / Microwave

Unites the key EMC and RF amplifier industry leaders EM Test, TESEQ, MILMEGA and IFI in a single powerhouse. Our reach with our uniquely broad, premium, perpetually growing portfolio and superb service extends around the globe to vital industries.

MegaPhase RF & Microwave Products Through 110GHz. Test & Measurement Cables, RF Cables, RF Components, Adapters & Accessories. 

Holzworth Instruments
Holzworth Phase Noise Analysis products since 2004. Holzworths phase noise analyzer products have innovative design philosophy optimized for speed, accuracy and high reliability while measuring to noise floors at the theoretical limit. With Sub -190dBc/Hz Noise Floors, 40MHz Measurements Offsets, z540 Calibration for Accuracy, 10MHz to 20GHz. Holzworth also designs Amplifiers, Delay Standards, Frequency Dividers, Down converters, Phase Detectors, Power Splitters, and RF Synthesizers – Multi-channel and Single Channel


Since 1992, HYPERLABS has been providing innovative test and measurement solutions worldwide.

Our line of ultra-broadband RF components offer the best performance and value on the market. Our broadband baluns, pick-off tees, resistive power dividers, DC blocks, bias tees, and rise time filters typically ship from stock.

We also build rugged, low-cost instrumentation including TDRs and controlled impedance analyzers. Our Signal Path Analyzers™ measure TDR, TDT, FEXT, NEXT, S21, and S11. Our multi-channel instruments offer up to 35 ps rise time.

Peak Power Meters/Analyzers, RF Power Meters, RF Voltmeters, Modulation Meters/Analyzers, Audio Analyzers, Capacitance Meters, Thermal Element and Diode Power Sensors.  Bench top, rack mount, and VXI formats.

Broadband Calibrated Noise Sources, Noise Generators, Amplifier Noise Power Ratio Test Systems, Eb/No and C/N Test Sets, Noise Source Components, for BER testing, Noise Figure Measurement. Applications include Satellite Communications, Wireless, CATV and Radios.

Specializes in manufacturing State-of-the-Art RF and Microwave products for Intelligence Collection, Detection and Analysis, as well as Telecommunication, Satellite Communication and Radar Signal Processing Systems. Product families include: Multi-couplers, Up/Dwn Frequency Converters, RF Distribution/Matrices (up to 264×264), Antenna Systems, IMAs, LNBs, RF Switch Boxes, Amplifiers and Filters. Mu-Del products are designed to operate in the frequency range of DC – 60.0 GHz in Land, Sea, and Airborne form-factors. Reverse Engineering a specialty. Quick quote turn-around. Never an NRE charge! Our motto: “Sunt audire Nos Semper” 

American Microwave Corporation
High performance, off the shelf and optimized application specific RF and Microwave (MHz to 40 GHz) solid state control devices including switches, variable attenuators, DLVA’s, integrated assemblies, and power dividers.