New TDK-Lambda Rack DC Power Systems Deliver High Power Advanced Programmable DC Solutions

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda 30kW-60kW Advanced Programmable Rack DC Power Systems into the Programmable DC Power Supply Series

This power platform expands beyond the existing rack-mount product offering into markets that utilize high power stand-alone rack DC power systems that include Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Renewable/Alternative Energy and Applied R&D in applications such as Battery/Component Validation/Test, Water Treatment, Hydrogen Generation, High-Reliability Power System Emulation and Photovoltaic Inverter, Fuel Cell and Battery Research & Development.

Built into a 23U high x 22 inch wide (553mm) x 36 inch deep (902mm) stand-alone rack, the 30kW-60kW Advanced Programmable Rack DC Power System platform offers five embedded front panel setup menus that address Digital Communication, Protective Functions, Operating and System Configurations, and Waveform Control/Triggering. These embedded menus offer advanced user-selectable functions including Slew-Rate control of Output voltage/current, Internal Resistance simulation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation with Auto-Trigger, Pre-Load ON/OFF control, ENABLE/DISABLE polarity selection and Control pin Enable/Disable (for external load disconnect or polarity reversal).

Fourteen models are currently available from 10V to 600V (with Output current up to 4500A), can operate in Constant-Current (CC), Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Power (CP) limit and have conversion efficiencies up to 90%. Three-phase AC Input options include 208VAC (170~265VAC) or a wide-range 400VAC/480VAC (342~528VAC) and have built-in active Power Factor Correction (0.94 typical) with cooling fan speed control (for reduced audible noise and extended life).

Standard safety features include user-selectable Safe-Start/Auto Re-Start, Last Setting Memory and Watch-Dog Timer along with other built-in protective functions that include Output Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Output Under-Voltage Limit (UVL), Output Under-Voltage Protection (UVP), Fold-Back protection (FOLD) for CV or CC mode, Output Over-Current Limit (OCL), Over-Temperature protection (OTP) and AC Input Under-Voltage Protection (AC FAULT).

All model functions can be programmed locally via the menu-driven front panel display or remotely using instrument software drivers with any one of the three built-in standard Digital interfaces (LAN (LXI 1.5)), USB (2.0), RS-232/RS-485). Other programming interfaces include the built-in standard Isolated Analog Program/Monitor/Control Interface and the optional IEEE (IEEE 488.2), EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP Digital interfaces.

The 30kW-60kW Programmable Rack DC Power System platform carries a two (2) year warranty, has Safety certifications to IEC/EN 61010-1 and carries both the CE and UKCA marks (in accordance with the Low Voltage, EMC (IEC/EN61204-3; industrial environment) and RoHS Directives).

For more information about the TDK-Lambda Genpluslogo.png Programmable Rack DC Power System platform, please visit and for additional Sales or Technical Support please visit

Also, available are the Advanced Genpluslogo.png Rack-Mount Programmable DC Power Supply Series at and the General-Purpose Genesys™ Rack-Mount Programmable DC Power Supply Series at

These, along with a wide range of other TDK-Lambda Americas Programmable & High Voltage power supplies can be viewed from the TDK-Lambda Americas website at

Main Applications

Programmable Rack DC Power Systems for Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Industrial, Alternative Energy and Applied R&D applications such as: • Battery/Motor Validation/Test • eV Power Train Systems
• Water Treatment
• Hydrogen Generation
• Aerospace Power System Emulation
• Photovoltaic Inverter, Fuel Cell and Battery R&D
• Beam Steering Magnets
• Test & Measurement Systems

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